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Chimehuin River

"Enjoy these mythical and legendary trout waters, icon of Patagonia Argentina fly fishing, hiring a world class fly fishing guide service."

Brown Trout on the fly on the Chimehuin River.
Brown Trout on the fly! - Chimehuin River Float Trip.
One of the most iconic rivers in the entire Patagonian region due to its world renowned "mouth", which has captivated locals and foreigners with its huge historical trouts, generating a fanatic outlook among visitors, which Joe Brooks called the "Boca Fever" (Mouth Fever).
The Chimehuin River, also known as "Chime", begins its course as an effluent of the Huechulafquen Lake and its flows for approximately 50 km, pouring its waters into the Collon Cura River.
Throughout the Chimehuin River you will find optimal conditions for fly fishing. River banks upholstered with willows, productive riffles, cliffs and deep pools, with what is probably the largest population of Brown Trouts and Rainbow Trouts around the Norhtern Patagonia Argentina region.
Our Patagonia Argentina fly fishing guide service provides daily float trips, or two-day float trips with an overnight riverside camp, as well as daily Wading Trips which will allow you to enjoy an exquisite dry fly and nymph fishing in this mythical river in Patagonia Argentina.
Big Brown Trout on a Hopper on the Chimehuin River
Fly Fishing guide service on the Chimehuin River
Chimehuin River Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout on the Chimehuin River

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