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Collon Cura River

"One of the most productive trout waters for fly fishing from the Northern Patagonia Area"

Enjoying dry fly fishing in Patagonia Argentina-Collon-Cura-River
Enjoying dry fly fishing at the Collon Cura.
The Collon Cura River is one of the most productive trout waters from the Northern Patagonia area. Born from the confluence of the Catan Lil and Alumine rivers, it has an extension of about 76 km and pours into the of Piedra del Aguila reservoir.
One of the biggest watercourse around San Martin de los Andes and Junin de los Andes area, Collon Cura river has moderate to slow currents, framed in a mostly arid, typical steppe landscape. It is the source of a large and healthy population of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout, many of which are surely larger than 18".
Our Patagonia Argentina fly fishing guide service provides daily float trips throughout Collon Cura River two upper sections, while its lower section - with very limited access due to the presence of private estates on both sides of the river - is run in 2 or 3- days float trips with riverside camp.
Collon Cura has a wide variety of water structures, , all of them perfect for fly fishing, which allows our fly fishing guides to apply different techniques during the fishing season. Streamers and large attractors are often the choice at the beginning of the season. As the days go by and water levels decrease, there is more widespread use of subtle dry flies and small nymphs, and of course appropriate imitations of small forage that at the end of January begin to populate the waters of the Collon Cura. With the arrival of autumn and the end of the season, large attractors and streamers are used again, looking for some of the many migratory fish going upstream the Collon Cura seeking for their spawning site.
This is without a doubt a river that provides opportunities for all fishing tastes and levels.
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Rainbow Trout on the Collon Cura River - SouthernLoops - Patagonia Argentina Fly Fishing Service.
Patagonia Argentina Fly Fishing Service - Brown Trout - Collon Cura River.

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