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"Enjoy a full fly fishing day casting the fly on board of comfortable inflatable rafts; accessing areas of the river that would otherwise be out of reach."

Fish On at the Chimehuin River.
Fish on! during a fly fishing float trip through argentine patagonia's pristine waters.
We carried out our float trip programs fishing on board of comfortable inflatable rafts and catarrafts, with one fly fishing guide per two anglers.
Our fly fishing guide service in North Patagonia let you choose between half-day and full-day programs through the best river sections, which are internationally renowned for fly fishing, such as Chimehuín, Alumine, Collon Cura y Limay Medio (Middle Limay), among others.
Our daily fly fishing float trips provide customers an opportunity to fish throughout vast extensions of water on the same day, accessing areas which have less fishing preasure and would otherwise be out of reach. Likewise, you will cast comfortably into places where it would be impossible to go in wading.
During the trip, there will be various changing water structures exposing anglers to different fishing scenarios, which implies implementing different techniques. Small dry flies, large attractors, terrestrials , nymphs and streamers will appear, depending on the time of the season and water levels.
Float trips with riverside camp on the Caleufu River.
Patagonia Argentina Fly Fishing - Float Trips.
Ending another fly fishing day at Northern Patagonia Argentina.
Patagonia Argentina Fly Fishing Float Trips.

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