Aluminé River

A wide river wich has a large concentration of trout and often witnesses great dry fly action!

Alumine river brown trout

The Alumine River is one of the largest rivers for fly fishing in Patagonia Argentina.  Alumine River is an effluent of the Alumine Lake and has an extension of approximately 140 km. After its confluence with the Catan Lil river, it becomes Collon Cura River

Alumine river has mostly optimal conditions for trout fly fishing and, due to its great length, provides our fly fishing guides a perfect scenario to choose from a countless, and really interesting, programs to put you in front of those perfect fly fishing situations.

Our Fly Fishing service in Patagonia Argentina offers Daily float tripsfloat trips with 1 or 2 riverside camp overnight, as well as Alumine Town Programs for those who prefer town accommodations. These are just some of the options offered by this productive Patagonian river when we choose it as a destination for a Patagonia Argentina fly fishing adventure.

The Inch-Worm hatch!

The willow worm ( Green Inch Worm) phenomenon, from mid-January to late February, make fly fishing in Alumine River a fascinating experience. We can find large groups of Brown and Rainbow Trouts under each willow, and sight fishing is very likely. This is without a doubt every angler’s dream come true.