Caleufu River

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind Patagonia Argentina fly fishing travel service combining scenic beauty and excellent quality of fishing.

Caleufu river brown trout

The Caleufu is undoubtedly a dreamed river, both for its fishing as well as its surroundings.

Rise from the confluence of the Meliquina and Filo Hua Hum river, it flows for about 60 km and pours its waters into Piedra del Aguila’s reservoir.

Caleufu River is a medium-sized freestone river framed by three different landscapes. Its first section runs as a canyon river with a significant gradient, surrounded by large and bizarre rock formations. As we move forward, mountains begin to lose altitude and it finally becomes a classic steppe river, wich runs through an arid and semi-desertic landscape. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Patagonia Argentina trout water for fly fishing.

The Caleufu River has an excellent and very healthy Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout population. With high water level, streamer fishing usually makes a difference, while its flow decrease result in a great dry fly fishing experience with large mayflies and attractors, sometimes adding a small nymph dropper. 

Caleufu has only two public accesses, and the only way to fish it in its entire length is through a float trip with riverside camp for two or three days. Our Patagonia Argentina Fly Fishing travel Service provides a one-of-a-kind riverside camp experience with the best all-inclusive service.

Since the river flow is drastically reduced, the program can only take place between the opening of the season in November each year, to mid / late January. After this time of the season, we offer daily Wading trips throughout  the lower stretch of the river, looking for combative Brown and Rainbow Trouts.