Limay Medio River

Magical and mysterious Patagonia Argentina fly fishing trout waters.

Limay Medio River Big Fish

The Limay River begins its course as effluent of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. This river runs for about 400 km up to its confluence with the Neuquén River, where the Negro River is born.

5 dams were built along its flow, each of which produce a large reservoir. Really close to the small town of  Piedra del Aguila the Limay Medio starts downstream of the third dam, which is called “Pichi Picún Leufú”.

Wide and bended, the Limay Medio River (Middle Limay)-a typical steppe river- is framed by an arid and semi-desert landscape. This tailwater river has an extension of approximately 80 km and pours its waters into the Exequiel Ramos Mejía reservoir.

Its fishing

An extraordinary population of Brown and Rainbow Trout -both resident and migratory-highly combative and very healthy, turns it into one of the most productive rivers in Northern Patagonia Argentina. The reason for such high productivity is the large amount of fodder and insects, that can be found there given the characteristics of the river, and are part of the main diet of its magnificent Trouts.

Fish migration

The Limay Medio River has been popularized -among others Patagonia Argentina fly fishing destinations- because of its migratory Brown Trout fishing, featuring real trophies, unique in Northern Patagonia. This turns in the main reason for why most of our customers choose this destination.

Main migration of these brown trout is due to their spawn period during Argentine fall season. However, a less known phenomenon that also makes -both Brown and Rainbow Trout- migrate from the lake towards the river is a minnow migration which are vehemently chased by the biggies. Difficult and demanding, this kind of fishing will reward the most persistent anglers with trouts that may be, in some cases, more than 25 inches and 6 pounds.

Resident trout

If that is not enough, the Limay Medio River has one more attraction: the action of its fighting resident Brown and Rainbow Trouts all along the river and throughout the whole the season. They are always willing to take a delicate dry fly or small nymph as well as a big foam attractor, putting you on the backing in a few seconds. 

Magical and mysterious, the Limay Medio River has many options and water structures to fish throughout the season. Those who are looking for dry fly fishing as well as those who are in search for “THE” trout of their lives will find great opportunities. The Limay Medio River is a unique place, without a doubt … 

Our Services

Our Patagonia Argentina Fly Fishing guide Service offers lots of multi day trip options  on the Limay Medio -2, 3 and 4 days float trips with riverside camp overnight- always providing a top notch riverside camping service.